Friday, August 28, 2009

kenit berkata2,,,

listen carefully,,,
klu hantar ke American Funniest Home video mesti menang!!


get back to your plan 'atikah dearie,,,,,
banyak keje x siap lagi,,,

My cute nephew!

Kamu sudah besar sekarang,,,
sudah tidak mampu untukku mendukung kame lama2,,,
berat mu semakin berat,,,
kesian ummi kamu,,,
sudah pasti tangannya lenguh,,,
nasib baek kamu punya ayah yang kuat,,,
boleh mendukung kamu dengan gagah,,,

bila besar nanti,,
semoga kamu mampu mendukung ummi dan ayah mu pula,,,
bukan sahaja itu yang perlu kamu dukung kan,,,
dukunglah agama yang utama,,,

semoga kamu membesar dan membesar dengan jayanya,,,
menjadi anak yang beguna,,,
anak yang soleh,,,

DO girls talk more than boys???

Do girls talk more than boys???

What do you think? My first thought was, “Hello, that is totally not true! Who said so??” but after a few more thoughts and few more seconds, ”yeah, maybe that ‘s true” Do I talk a lot?? I wonder……………

There are many opinions on this statement. Women talk a lot because…we read alot too!! Hence, we have many things to be shared. Therefore, we need to talk! I luv this..Thumbs up!!

What’s the truth huh? Is that right??

Wokeh, here is the truth of the truth. Absolutely right! Women talk more than men. Based on a study done by Dr. Luan Berzenchi, a female psychiatry, she found that women talk THREE TIMES much more than men! We can talk a bout 20000 words in a day compare to men who can just talk about 13000 words. Believe it or not??

But don’t worry girls, there is a scientific explanation behind all these things! FYI, in the mothers’ womb, the mens’ brain were developed with the influenced of the large amount of TESTOSTERONE compare to us. The presence of TESTOSTERONE caused the communication, emotion and also memory of men brain reduce gradually, in the unborn baby boy.

No wonder why, they may not easily remember some important dates. Somehow they may not even remember their own birthday!!

In a simpler way, women have 8 superhighways in the brain for all these three processes compare to men who just have a small country road! =)

Besides that, testosterone may also reduce the size of men brain that involve in hearing allowing them to become ‘DEAF’ sometimes. Girls, be patience.

Today, we can easily judge this statement whether it is true or not. First, there are many women lecturers compare to men. Second, there are many TV host and DJ who are women. Third, during my school years, there are more girls debaters compare to boys! There are many other things.

So, what can we do about it?

As women, who have the ability to talk a lot, try to talk about the beneficial things. Avoid ourselves from wasting time on chatting about anything that is no benefits for anybody. Try to control all the words that can come out from our incredible mouth.

There is a phrase to be share
“ True friends are; when we see them, we remember ALLAH, when we listen to them, we remember the day after”. Thus, girls let us use the precious characteristic to become the truest friend ever!! insyaAllah.

For men, believe me. Behind all the special talent among us (well talented without need any trainings!), there are lots of benefits for the whole wide world. From a talkactive mother , come the well nurtured children, from a talkactive lecturers come the well trained pharmacists! So just accept it. WOMEN TALK MORE THAN MEN.

But remember, there are 4 things that we can’t recover,
1) Stone after it’s throw
2) Occasion after the lose
3) Time after it’s gone

Think carefully before say anything!!


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