Tuesday, September 29, 2009


“Mengapakah dunia yang dikejari, sedangkan ia akan ditinggal mati?? Apalah gunanya harta disisi tika jasad terkubur terkaku mati??”

Tersentak seketika pabila lirik ini berkumandang tatkala nota En Tommy di belek-belek,,,,,Hmm,,,jadikanlah hidupku adalah ibadahku,,,,


10 hours in the car !? MasyaAllah,,,the journey to Rantau Panjang, Kelantan,,,Adush,,,for the rest of my cousins,,,next time,,please do not get marry during festive seasons if you wanted to get marry with Kelantanese!!

Happy sisters with happy faces!! Although,,,,,,da penat da punggung neh,,,,,,sesungguhnya,,,andaberdua mmg penyabar,,,,

Hohoho,,,,Alhamdulillah,,, finally and officially,,,Kak Mahirah become part of our big family,,, Welcome=) Congratulations to abg Najib,,,Selamat pengantin baru,,,

I’ve learnt many new things form this long journey to Rantau Panjang,,

The most precious thing that I’ve learnt is,,PATIENCE!!!

“Mak,,,when we’ll have another petrol station??” I asked.”Another 40 km kot” she answered,,Ya Allah,,cannot handle anymore,,,I need to go to toilet immediately,,be patience ‘Atikah,,,it was such a very hard journey for all Kelantanese,,,I wonder,,,There was only one RnR available all the way to Rantau panjang after Genting Sempah,,, so,,,next time don’t drink and ride,,,to Kelantan,,,

The route were,,,,How can I describe??

Adventurous + Awesome + Challenging + congested + winding + bouncy + Terrible,,what else??But these description can be equal to = DANGEROUS,,,,Tawakal je la,,,,due to these,,plus,,,Hari raya,,,,JAMla,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

No wonder Gua Musang become one of the spot that has a high rate of accident and
death,,,It’s lucky for us to have a very good driver like Ayah!! Thank you ayah,,

All the way,,,,,,,,heaviest traffic jam ever!!! Kalah KL taw!!

Ayah,,sabar,,,”oit!!ikot turn la!!!” ayah shouted,,”semua orang nak balik umah la!!” Mundzir continued,,Astaghfirullhal’azim,,,Why are they like that?? Sabar je la,,,We took about 45 minutes to move for one km, , but for those who did not follow the que,,haisy!! Sabar je la,,,Imagine that,, how patient my father is,,,,wawawawaw,,(hanya kami yang tahu) We were stranded for more than 2 hours to reach the Pasir Mas round about from ESSO (the nearest petrol station) which was just few km in distance,,,

Besides that,,this long journey gave me the chance to observe n think about Allah’s creation. There are many amazing scenes all the way to Rantau Panjang,,

nice shot!!!

“We built the universe with (creative) power and We are certainly expanding it. We spread the Earth out wide and how excellent We ordered it! And We createdevery(living) thing in pairs so you could get a reminder.” [51:47-49]

We crossed many attractive recreational area includes many Taman Negara,,,Subhanallah,,,so, as the caliphs on earth,, preserve and maintain the cleanliness of these area is our responsibility!! Do you realize that?? Dissapointed=(

But,,along the way from KL-Rantau Panjang-KL,,, we heard many times of ambulance sirence,,,There are many accidents and broken cars,,,,,Tests for them,,and also for us,,,the others started to move slowly,,,,However,,,Alhamdulillah we safely arrived,,,Sabar ek!!

Tula,,,sabar je,,,accident plaks,,,

Even though we faced a little accident,,

Don’t cross the road like a chicken!!! We were about to hit a chicken!! The route become more challenging with the presence of these species,,chickens,,goats,,cows,,monkeys,,and somehow,,the crossing tortoise,believe me,,,,

At last, after 10 hours in the car,,,we reached Rantau Panjang at 8.30 pm,,,Sabar je la,,,all stomachs are singing,,hoping for something to digest,,Suddenly,,Ayah’s phone was ringing,,,”kitorang pon tgh cari mkn neh” mak ngah kot,,”ok!” ayah continued,,,Alhamdulillah,,we directly went to a stall nearby,,But the stall seemed to be ‘Hidup segan mati tak mau’,,hohohoho,,,we have no choice!

Alhamdulillahillazi at’amana,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,no more songs from the GIT =)

2nd day,,,,

Pheeeeeennnnn!!! People started to horn here and there,,,the Q was very long to enter the Rantau Panjang Free Zone Area,,,hohoho,,,it’s lucky for us to reached there earlier,,Rezeqi minnAllah,,,We got a strategic parking space!!

Shopping time!!!

After 2 hours walking at the famous market,,,ntahla,,,it was too crowded!!

I would like to suggest to the Tuan Guru to invest some for this market,,,upgrade the stalls,,restaurants,,and most important thing its TOILET!!! This market is one of the tourist spot which can contribute a lot to state,, plus,,Kelantan = serambi Mekah = Islamic state! And for us,,,don’t litter,,clean the toilets after you have used them,,,come on la,,,it is common sense for a Muslim who is practicing it,,, buat malu je,,,Alamaks,,,forgot to take photo of the hororrrestt toilet!,,,

Adusy,,’Kebersihan kan sebahagian dari Iman’?? please keep the toilet clean,,,I would rather keep my bladder full all the time till we go back to the rest house!! Sabar je la,,,Don’t drink and shop!!

4 pm,,,

We gathered at Masjid Beijing,,nice masjid=) all together are 7 cars,,,When was the last time thatwe got this chance to gather?? Hmm,,,Best!! Everyone is here,,,smiling,,laughing,,chatting,,but for sure,,Najib was having tachy,,,hohoho,,,soon,,become a Husband to Nur Mahirah Ramli,,

Sabar ek!!!! Wawawawaw,,,,

In front of Masjid Beijing

Waiting for the rest,,,mak,,k.yusra,,,along,,me,,and the eldest cousin,,kak naqiah!!

Adventurous!! We were stunted all the way to the Masjid where the akad was held,,This is real,,,we crossed the river,,met a herd of cows and goats,,,it is truly KAMPUNG!! It was totally different from our house,,,the air was very pure!! The beautiful sound from the moving stream,,,Subhanallah,,,Jakon gler!!

There were lots of obstacles that we managed to face before the ceremony begun,,,

It was a long story,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Let’s directly go to the Best part,,,”Alhamdulillah,,,Najib and Mahirah,, you are now announced as Husband and Wife!!!” with only one time of lafaz nikah!!!waaaaaa,,,,,Who next?? Hohoho,,,Abg Khairul,,,be prepared!!


“Bub! Tanggungjawab jatuh atas bahu ni kan??” Dalila interrupted immediately after Cik Yis accepted the akad,,,”Aah,,,tkotkan?” I replied,,,we both nodded,,,

Don’t worry Dal,,,InsyaAllah,,,We already have the guidelines,,,,,,Al-Quran and As-Sunnah,,,,Good luck to Kak Mahirah and Abang Najib,,,Barakallahulak!!

“…Maka perempuan-perempuan yang salih itu ialah yang taat (kepada Allah SWT dan suaminya), dan yang memelihara (kehormatan dirinya dan apa jua yang wajib dipelihara)ketika suami tidak hadir bersama,dengan pemeliharaan Allah SWT dan pertolongan-Nya… -(Surah An-Nisa’ 4:34)


The sweetest memories,,,=)

Candle light dinner!! Cayalah!!!

It was very dark onced we entered the junction to Kak Mahirah’s house,,,,I couldn’t see nothing,,,,”kan best klo siang,,,bley tengok kat lua”said Kak Yusra,,I just nodded,,,We were all quite,,,Focusing on the small country road in the dark of the night,,,Suddenly,,,,Along’s window was opening,,,,”Woit!! Apsal terbukak neh??!!” along was panic,,”Kurang hasam abg epul nih,,,ad eke ptot bwat camtuh!! Bwat tkot org je!!”BEngs,,,,,,,=/,,,

After 20 minutes drive in the darknest,,,we were all stopped,,”Ya Allah,,x de eletrik??” What a test??? I wonder,,,sabarje la,,

Alhamdulillah,,,with the courtesy the small ceremony after the akad was done with flying colours eventhough it was in the dark!!!wawawaw,,,

“Cuba teka kita makan ape?? BUDU??”

These are what we actually eat!!! The food were DELICIOUS!!!Tak nampak pon tak pe,,,,Hohoho,,,

Haa,,,,my next task,,,,guess what?? My shoes turned to chocolate MUD!! I didn’t realized that I’ve stepped on the mud on my way to kak Mahirah’s house!! Sabar jela,,,,

KL,,,Here we come,,,,KL di hatiku,,,wawawaw,,,,habes!!!great experience=)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Yeay!! My parents are comin back!!!

My phone was ringing just after I woke up from a nap after terawikh that night. “nape mundzir?” I asked. “ They are coming home!! Mak got her Iqama already!!” he shouted.

Alhamdulillah,,,I smiled,,,,and immediately performed a syukur prayer,,,,

They will arrive on Thursday at 10.55 am,,,2 days before raya,,,Luckily, I am available at that time to accompany Mundzir to fetch them at KLIA.

I called Yusra for this marvelous news,,,we were really grateful for this news,,,really looking forward this to happen,, every night,,, I prayed for this,,, Thank you Allah,,,

A day before the remarkable phone call from Mundzir,,he,Sumayyah,Kauthar, k.Yusra and me were thinking of a plan on our Raya,, what we're going to do,,everyone had no idea at all!! Even some of us still do not have the so called 'baju raya',,,hohhhohh,,,,we don’t feel the excitement of the celebration,,huhhhhh,,,,bohsan!!

But,, Alhamdulillah,, they are coming back!! Then,,it is Raya as usual, with ayah, mak, along, abg epul, angah, abg najib, umar, yusra, kauthar, mundzir n sumayyah,,,=)

Let us celebrate it together,,,insyaAllah,,,

Monday, September 21, 2009


Saya sangat mengkagumi kerjaya sebagai guru sekolah. Sebuah kisah yang saya paparkan ini saya ulangi dari kisah benar seorang guru beberapa tahun yang lalu.


Saya mengajar di sekolah rendah di tengah2 bandaraya Kuala Lumpur . Saya mengajar sesi petang. Salah seorang murid saya setiap hari datang lambat ke sekolah. Kasut dan bajunya selalu kotor. Setiap kali saya bertanya tentang baju dan kasutnya dia hanya berdiam diri.

Saya masih bersabar dengan keadaan pakainnya, tetapi kesabaran saya tercabar dengan sikapnya yang setiap hari datang lambat. Pada mulanya saya hanya memberi nasihat. Dia hanya menundukkan kepala tanpa berkata2 kecuali anggukkan yang seolah2 dipaksa. Kali kedua saya memberi amaran, dia masih juga mengangguk tetapi masih juga datang lambat keesokannya. Kali ketiga saya terpaksa menjalankan janji saya untuk memukulnya kalau masih lambat. Anehnya dia hanya menyerahkan punggungnya untukdirotan . Airmata saja yang jatuh tanpa sepatah kata dari mulutnya.

Keesokan harinya dia masih juga lambat, dan saya memukulnya lagi. Namun ia masih tetap datang kesekolah dan masih tetap lambat.

Suatu hari saya bercadang untuk mengintipnya ke rumahnya. Setelah mendapatkan alamatnya, saya meneruskan niat saya. Dia tinggal di sebuah kawasan setinggan t ida k berapa jauh dari sekolah. Keadaan rumahnya sangat daif. Saya nampak murid saya itu sedang berdiri di depan rumahnya dalam keadaan gelisah. Seorang wanita yang mungkin ibunya juga kelihatan gelisah.
Lebih kurang pukul 1.30 seorang anak lelaki sedang berlari2 sekuat hati menuju ke rumah itu. Sambil berlari dia membuka baju sekolahnya. Sampai di depan rumah baju dan kasutnya diserahkan pula kepada murid saya yang terus bergegas memakainya. Sebelum pakaian sekolah sempurna dipakai, dia sudah berlari ke arah sekolah.

Saya kembali ke sekolah dengan penuh penyesalan. Saya memanggil anak itu sambil menahan airmata yang mula tergenang.

"Maafkan cikgu. Tadi cikgu pergi ke rumah kamu dan memerhatikan kamu dari jauh. Siapa yang berlari memberikan kamu baju tadi?"

Dia terkejut dan wajahnya berubah.
"Itu abang saya. Kami kongsi baju dan kasut sebab tak ada baju lain. Itu saja baju dan kasut yang ada. Maafkan saya, cikgu." Jawabnya

"Kenapa kamu tak beritahu cikgu dan kenapa kamu biarkan saja cikgu pukul kamu?"

" Mak pesan, jangan meminta2 pada orang, jangan ceritakan kemiskinan kita pada orang. Kalau cikgu nak pukul serahkan saja punggung kamu."

Sambil menahan airmata yang mula berguguran saya memeluk anak itu, "Maafkan cikgu, ......."
Kejadian itu cukup menginsafkan saya. Selepas itu saya cuba membantunya setakat yang mampu.

Cerita2 begini membantu melembutkan hati yang keras. Kata seorang guru, sekiranya hati kita mula keras lembutkanlah dengan perkara2 berikut;

i. Solat sunat
ii. puasa sunat
iii. berzikir
iv. bersedekah
v. mengusap rambut anak yatim
vi. mendengar cerita2 kesusahan orang lain
vii. membantu orang susah

menitis air mata tatkala email ni di baca,,,,bersyukurlah atas segala ni'mat pemberian Allah,,,,

"Maka yang mana satu di antara nikmat-nikmat Tuhan kamu, yang kamu hendak dustakan (wahai umat manusia dan jin)?" -Ar-Rahman:13

Monday, September 14, 2009

I’m alive!!!!

Alhamdulillah,,,I’m still breathing=) Me, Mundzir and Sumayyah managed to go to Asy-Syakirin to be part of the Jemaah that morning,,, striving for Al-Qadr,,,

Around 3.30 am,,Asy-Syakirin was fulled,,,Subhanallah,,,The crowd was amazing!! Alhamdulillah,,,But, suddenly, while Sumayyah and me were reciting Quran in the mosque, we realized that there was an ambulance parked in front of the mosque,,”What’s happening?? “ I asked Sumayyah,,but no answer,,

I continued reading,,,but my mind was not fully on the reading,,I was keep on asking “What’s Happening there??” so , curiously I went out there to see by myself,,,


There was a guy collapsed at the stairs and someone was doing CPR on him,,,

Tears started to drop,,,Allah the Almighty,,,

From my own obseravation,,by the time the guy had been catered into the ambulance, he already passed away,,,Alhamdulillah,, in the Ramadhan and could be the night of Lailatulqadr,,,He could be release from the torture in the kubur,,,InsyaAllah,, how lucky he is,,,,

The guy looked about my father’s age,,around early 50’s,,,he might experienced heart attack before he fall down the stairs,,no one knew the exact story,,,how he could collapsed? I just predict!

The incident really taught me to be grateful,,I don’t have much time,,,our life is too short,,,,Ya Allah,,, thank you very much for letting me see one of Your greatness!!

“Bekerjalah sekuat-kuatnya seolah-olah kita akan hidup beribu-ribu tahun lamanya,,,dan beribadahlah kita seolah-olah kita akan mati keesokkan hari,,”

So, give us the strength to complete this Ramadhan with the best shot eva!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

i REALLY NEED you,,,,,,,,,

Looking for LAILATULQADR,,,

Today is the 21st of Ramadhan. Ya Allah,,It’s already the last part of Ramadhan??? It seems like we had just started fasting yesterday,,,Why is the time goes so fast ??There are many things that are not complete yet,,,

Hmm,,, it is an advantage for guys to have 30 days of Ramadhan compare to normal women ,,,,but Alhamdulillah,,,it does not matter,,,as long as we use the time given wisely,,,

Ramadhan is only once a year,,,although this is my 23rd Ramadhan but I’m not sure wether have I got the Lailatulqadar??Adusy,,,,,The night that is better than 1000 months,,,,I wonder,,,,

Honestly,,,I’m definitely sure that the total of my ‘amal jariah’ will never can cover up my SINSSSS,,,,,,Astaghfirullahal’azim,,,,Therefore, I’m desperately need to have this Lailatulqadar,,,,

Ya Allah,,,please,,,,,,,,,let me have it,,,,,,,,,,,,

I’m afraid that this will be my last Ramadhan,,,,please,,, let me have it,,,,,,,

Allah had told us on how we can grab this special, marvelous bonus,,,now, it is all depends on us,,,,

Let’s strive for it,,,,Who ever search for it will get it!!! InsyaALLAH,,,


Al-Qadr-The night of decree

In the name of Allah the MOST GRACIOUS, the MOST MERCIFUL

(1) Verily, we have sent it (this Quran) down in the night of Al-Qadr (decree)
(2) And what will make you know what the night of Al-Qadr is?
(3) The night of Al-Qadr is better than a thousand months
(4) Therein descend the angels and the Ruh (Jabrael) by Allah’s permissions with
all Decrees
(5) Peace (all the night, there is Peace and Goodness from Allah to His Believing
slaves) until the appearance of dawn

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Astaghfirullahal’azim,,,,Geramnya!!!! Bentakku mengikut perasaan. Kenapa namaku masih lagi di Hospital Serdang sedangkan Prof telah pun memberi lampu hijau kepadaku untuk ke Hospital Selayang. Prof telepas pandang agaknya. Tidak pun, Prof tidak berhajat untuk menunjukkan senarai itu pada hari ini. Namun atas desakan rakan-rakan Prof turutkan sahaja.

Risau menyelubungi. Pesan emak, “ temankanlah Sumayyah di rumah setelah Mundzir pergi nanti” aku sekadar mengangguk . Setuju agaknya. Walaupun pernah terlintas di hati yang “hei,,,mengada-ngada betol!! Nak buat special request plaks!!” aku sendiri pernah terfikir impaknya.

Lantas aku berjumpa Prof sejurus selepas senarai nama itu ditunjukkan.Gundah gulana dibuatnya. Sudah pasti rakan-rakan akan menyedari yang aku memohon agar aku ditukarkan ke hospital lain!

Setelah berbincang bersama Prof, Prof pun menukar namaku dengan rakanku yang mendapat Hospital Selayang. Alhamdulillah,,lega rasanya.

Kemudian setelah dilihat semula senarai nama itu, nama Fatimah tersenarai dalam pelajar yang akan ke hospital Serdang. “Bersalah lah pulak,,,,,,,” Bingung…….Walaupun Prof berkali-kali menyatakan tak pe, hatiku tetap diselubungi rasa bersalah.Tak tahula perlu ke tidak rasa bersalah,,,,

Aku mula pasrah akan keputusan prof pada awalnya yang meletakkan ku di Hospital Serdang. Tidak tahu kenapa semua orang berasa iri hati dengan mereka yang mendapat Hospital Selayang. Apa istimewanya hospital ini?? Sedangkan dahulu ketika di hospital itu, biasa je, sama macam hospital lain,,,

Tiba-tiba, satu SMS diterima “tkah, Hospital Ampang pun dekat je, lbey kuang pg Selayang” aku pun apa lagi, terus mencari rakan-rakan yang mendapat Hospital Ampang. Keliru juga, mengapa lah susah sangat mereka ingin menukar tempat sedangkan mereka semua tidak perlu berulang alik ke rumah!!

‘Atikah, semua orang ada alasan tersendiri. Jangan nak bising pula!!!

Akhirnya, cubaan terakhir. Kak Zu lah si penyelamat. Terima kasih Kak Zu!! Jasamu kan ku kenang!!!Aku Berjaya mendapat tempat di Hospital Ampang yang hanya 30 min jaraknya dari rumah. Terima kasih!!

Mesti ada hikmahnya atas semua yang telah ditetapkan. Aku baru tahu kenapa semua orang teringin sangat ke Selayang. Rupa-rupanya hanya beberapa hospital sahaja yang mempunyai kemudahan-kemudahan untuk CDR, TPN dan TDM. Patutlah,,,,

Tapi, bagi aku segalanya bergantung kepada kita. Kalau hendak belajar, dimana-mana pun boleh belajar. Tidak kiralah di hospital mana pun. Sudah pastinya kita semua akan dapat pengalaman dan ilmu yang berbeza. Oleh itu, redhakanlah dengan apa yang kita dapat. Semoga ‘attachment’ kali ini memberi manfaat kepada semua. Penting sekali, bertukar-tukar cerita kelak!!


Friday, September 4, 2009

Punctuality Campaign,,,,


Here come some more DOTSSS,,,,

7.03 am : Mc,,,hmmm,,,,mcm best je klo x gi clas ri nih,,en M kan??
7.16 am : aahla,,,ak pon cm x btol je rinih,,,
7.27 am : eip cptla,,, r we goin?? Keje x siap wooo,,,,smlm collapse,,,
7.36 am : mc,,,pg x neh???
7.48 am : x pg,,,zack pon x gi,,,hohooho,,
7.54 am : worite!!

Dengan slumbernye saya, mc & Z mengambil keputusan muktamad untuk tidak pergi ke kelas pada pagi tersebut,,,kemudian bermulala THE MOST MISSERABLE DAY!!!! padan muka siapa suruh PONTENG??

Sedang asyik menyiapkan slide presentation Em M,,,

8.32 am : [yam] eip, Dr W suwoh dtg gaks neh,,,,mengamuksss!!!
8.37 am : Huh?? Benarkah??

All the body systems reacted! Adrenaline rushed,,,palpitation,,,headache,,,constriction of the colon,,,what else?? Cuak btol,,,

“Aduyai,,,baru first tyme nak ponteng da KANTOI!!” Haisy,,,,

8.43 am : [Akma is calling] ; pe nak buat neh,,,,
8. 52 am : [Akma] tkah,,,dtg klas cpt!!!DR W x stat pon clas neh,,, merah je muka
9.00 am : weh,,,tkot la,,, dtg kang mesti lg trok kne,,,,better dtg ke x neh,,,
9.02 am : [Ai] plzz come to class right now!! If u r in d class oredy,,jus ignore dis
Ya Allah,,,serius bebenor Dr W ari neh,,,
9. 05 am : Mc,,,solution??? Nk pg x neh???
9.10 am : [Mc] x yah,,,,Z kte die da cool n class started oredy,,,

Astaghfirullahalazim,,,,lmbt btol Dr W mulakan klas. Salah saya ke?? Hohoho,,,,Satu kelas terkena tempias!! Siapa datang lambat pagi itu semua kena duduk depan dan tulis nama. Mungkin hendak dikenakan tindakan tatatertib agaknya,,,,

Teruknya ahari ini!!!Spoilt the Mood!! Malas nak pergi ke kelas seterunya,,,

Tapi,,gagahkan juga,,,

Sesampainya di DK,,malunya,,,semua org perasan,,,PONTENG!!tkah,,,UNBELIEVABLE,,,nape x dtg td?? Ramai giler org tanya,,,maklumlah,,,FIRST TIME & KANTOI!!! hmm,,,intentionally do not want to come,,,,bad luck,,,

3.45 pm : Sape y x dtg klas Dr W pg td jumpe die @5 @ his rumm..raihan

Adusy,,,,sampai ke petang,,,oleh itu,, dengan rasa bertanggungjawab,,saya bersama mereka yang lain,,setia menunggu Dr W untuk pembalasan,,kerana PONTENG,,,

Lambat betul Dr W nih,,,semua orang mula mengeluh,,,sabarjela,,,

5.38 pm baru Dr W sampai,,,huh,,panjang betol syarahanya,,tapi apa yang disyarahkannya sangat betul,,no Doubt at All!! As a good pharmacist we cannot do any mikstake!! Not once!! Hmm,,,patients life is depend on us,,,hmm,,,,btul kan???

Sebagai denda,,,kami dihendaki menyiapkan satu proposal untuk menjalankan PUNCTUALITY CAMPAIGN,,,pelbagai tindakan perlu di buat untuk memastikan 0% of absentees n late comers!!!

We were stranded there till 7.00pm,,,saba je la,,,,nasib baik ada member tolong belikan makanan berbuka.

Betapa ‘frust’nya Dr W because he felt like he FAILED to teach us,,to be a human,,He said so,,,At that moment, me myself felt really regret on what I have done that day,,,n I was impressed on him also,,,a Chinese guy who is NON muslim could think like that. But me as a MUSLIM who should be much better than him never feel embarrass on what We always did,,We always come late,,We always give excuses,,
(but im not like this,,this is my first time to play truant!)
aduyai,,,,kantoi plaks,,,

Geram betul,,,tapi,,,behind these scenes I have learnt a lot!!

BE PUNTUAL!! Never miss the classes without any reasonable reason!!!
InsyaAllah,,, let us change!!


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